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    Q:The item I received is broken or defective. How do I return it?



    Please find the detail instruction of "Return policy" which is located on the footnote section of the web page. Our return shipping address is on the upper left corner of the invoice that we sent you.
    I returned some defective parts. But I received them back as "non-qualified". Why?
    Sometimes, the 60-day-warranty on the part is voided because of installation marks/damages. So especially for LCDs or digitizers, before you install it onto the phone, please connect it to the board and test it first. If the item is defective, you can return it to us without voiding the warranty. If the test runs OK, then you can go ahead install it onto the phone.

    Q:How can I track my order?



    We will email you the invoice after we ship out your order. The subject of the email would be "Invoice #... from" or similar. The email has a PDF attachment file, which is the invoice. All information regarding your order is on the invoice, including the tracking number, back order items or missing items, and the date when those items will be available. You can copy the tracking number then track for the package at .com or Please add our email address to your email's contact list so that emails from us won't be filtered to spam folder. If you don't receive any invoice from us within 48 hours after you place your order, please email us your payment email address and/or the Web Order #. We will check on the status and get back to you ASAP.

    Q:I have store credit on my account. How do I use it?



    To use the credit, please select "Bank Transfer" as the payment option when you check out. Please write down the credit information (e.g: $30 credit from invoice 83xxx) in the order note section. After you submit the order, you can deduct the credit from the total amount, then send the rest of the payment by Paypal to To send us payment manually by Paypal, you just need to login to your Paypal account then click on "Send Money" and follow the on-screen instruction.

    Q:One of the items I want is listed as "Available on ... date". Can I order it now with other items? When will I receive all my ordered items?



    Yes. We will ship the available items to you first. The items with later available date will be shipped separately within 24-72 hours after arrival.

    Q:The item I want is listed as "pre-order" or "out of stock". Can I order them now? When will it be available?



    Yes, you can order anytime. For the out of stock item, you need to click the "Add to cart" button in the item detailed page. Normally, "pre-order" items will be shipped in 3-5 business days, depending market availability. For "out of stock" items, their status may change in a day, a week, or sometimes over a month. You may click on "Get stock reminder" button and our web-system will email you automatically when the item becomes available. Or you may check back the item status on our website every now and then for an update. If you paid for the out of stock item, we will put you on the priority shipping list. The item will be shipped within 24 hours after arrival.

    Q:Where are the orders shipping from?



    Smoe orders are shipped from Hong Kong.
    Some orders are shipped from Snz.
    And all the GOODs is good.

    Q:I have placed an order, but I don't receive any order confirmation in my email inbox. What should I do?



    Please check your spam folder and also add our email address to your email's contact list so that emails from us won't be filtered to spam folder. If you can't locate the email at all, please call us or email us your registered-email and make a phone call , we will solve the problem instantly.

    Q:How do I reset account password and what to do if I forgot my registered account email?



    You can reset your account password on the sign in page. Just enter the registered email there, the message "Forgot password? Click here" will show up, just click it and follow the on-screen instruction. 
        If you are still unable to reset your password or forget your registered email, just provide us any of these information (email, full name, full company name, phone NO.). We can manually reset the password and locate your account email after account verification.

    Q:I registered an account with a wrong email or wanted to update my account email. What should I do?



    Please email us and tell us your name, current email address and the right email address. We can verify your account and update for you at once.

    Q:I have large quantities of items need to order, do you accept wholesale orders or special requested orders?

    Yes, we do. We can offer a lower price on wholesale order with item quantities from 30 to 1000s. We mostly can ship your wholesale order on the same day or just in few days. However, if you can't find the item from our website, you can click on "Contact Us" to request for it. We have many sources to get all kinds of products related to cell phones. Normally if the item is available in the market, we can full-fill your needs in 3 to 7 days.
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